Detroit Skate Decks

Posted on November 04, 2014 by Steve Mansour

Here at Ink Detroit, we love giving you guys shirts that scream your Detroit pride. We love you guys just like we love Detroit.

We’ve given you guys the Detroit Skull design, and the reception for it has been
incredible since we released it.

Well since you guys have liked it so much, we figured we’d kick it up a notch. We’re
here to tell you that we are releasing skate decks the have that same logo adorned
on the bottom.

Not only that, but you know that new M1 Rail Station they’re building along
Woodward? Well we decided to make a skate deck outta that, too.

The M1 deck is something we’re excited about. On top, it’s designed to display
Woodward road. On the under side, celebrated in beautiful detail is the iconic I-75
interstate sign.

We can’t wait to bring them to you guys. Keep following us and be on the lookout for
the official launch! Available now at


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